Paperback Books
Our pricing strategy is simple.  Most paperbacks will cost $2.00
Don't worry who wrote it, or if is the latest book.  If it is a paperback, it will cost you $2.00.
The odd exception will be a few rare, out of print, or hard to find books.  They will be set aside and clearly marked. 
The rest of the paperbacks are $2.00.
Hardback Books
The same simple price point goes for Hardcovers. General collection of hardcover books cost $3.00.  Enjoy your favorite author, or discover a new favorite author. 
Reread from classic books and literature.  Collect a great copy of a book you remember from long ago.  All for a very reasonable price.

Children's Books

Childrens' books should be just as simple.  All childrens books are just $1.00.

Buy our books on-line

We have set up our own store at Amazon.  Find some of our rare and hard to find books available at competitive prices. 

Of course, if you are in the store, you will find the same books slightly less expensive.  We want to encourage people to come to the store.

Gift Cards Now Available

Want a great gift for the holidays? Dead Tree Books now has gift cards for the book lover in your family. Choose from over 10,000 books in our store at Southcross and South Flores. Remember, the minimum of $5 goes a long way in the store, where most of our books are $2 or $3.

The minimum required to purchase the gift card is $5. More can be added. The gift card must be spent in the store.

Ask us about gift cards the next time that you visit Dead Tree Books. Or call us at 210 595-7121.