About Us
We met while we both worked in retail while living on the South Side of San Antonio.  Lisa was new to the area.  I had been working for this store for a long time.  Together, we experienced the ups and downs of working behind the scenes in a successful retail store.  Things don't always work smoothly.  When things get busy, they really start hopping.
We shared a love of literature.  Each of us loved nothing more than to spend a quiet hour (or two) with our nose in a book.  It is an escape.  We shared a lot of the same tastes in literature.  We both love Robert A. Heinlein.  Piers Anthony was on each of our bookshelves.  But I like Robert Ludlum and John Grisham.  Lisa likes Spider Robinson and Stephen King.
Meet Our Team
The most difficult task that a bookseller must face is allowing other people to purchase books.  What if they don't like that particular book?  Are they purchasing a book with no redeeming character, other than that it sells?  Is it a fine story, well written, carefully published, and ignored by the general public?
At Dead Tree Books Bookstore, we commit ourselves to offering bargain books and the worlds that lie within.  Don't know which book to commit to?  Ask us.  We can probably find just the book to change your mood, brighten your day, and possibly even enrich your life.